See what people are saying…

Sara K.

I feel like I’ve really changed my life. I was very sick before I started this, and I knew I needed to do something that drastically would change me…

Today, I went to the endocrinologist, and he completely took me off insulin and one of my diabetes meds. It’s healed me so much and it’s given me so much energy I’m having trouble sleeping, I’m so wired! I would recommend to anyone to at least give it a try. I’ve tried all kinds of things, and this is what works for me. And I don’t go round hungry, and that’s the most amazing thing. And I can actually go without eating some meals — that’s how full I feel.

Bessie L.

I’ve just done Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet, and it was wonderful… I found out I lost 14.2 pounds, and I said, “This is it, I’m going all the way.” I’m so happy. Everybody was telling me about my skin and saying, “Your skin is so radiant! What’s that glow on your face? What’s that glow?” And I’m saying, “Yes! Bone broth!”

Stephanie M.

I initially started this diet because I was having frequent breakouts of shingles… I’m not big on meds, so I tried to find other alternatives to resolve the issue. And this worked for me. Within the first 21 days, I haven’t had any breakouts, and I also lost the weight. The other day I actually paid attention—I’m like, “Oh, my skin, I really kind of have a glow,” like I did when I was pregnant. I lost 14 pounds and I think it was six inches around my waist.

Denise T.

This diet taught me a better way to eat and manage my approach to food. I enjoyed doing this with my daughter… preparing meals, finding and testing recipes together, shopping for good food together… we loved this program.

Nadine L.

This is something that can be part of a life change. I was pleased to see a drop in weight [11 pounds] as nothing else has worked in the past three years. Well worth the effort! Try it—you have nothing to lose but inches and weight.