Here are tips and tools to make your Bone Broth Diet even easier—along with a quiz to help you decide if the diet is perfect for you.

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BONE BROTH DIET QUIZ: Is the Bone Broth Diet right for you?

Are you still on the fence about starting your weight-loss and anti-aging transformation? Take this quick 12-question quiz to see if the Bone Broth Diet is just what you need to lose weight, erase your wrinkles, clear up health problems, and get back your “glow.”

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recommended brands

When you’re cleaning out your kitchen and restocking it with Bone Broth Diet “yes” foods, here are some terrific store brands that can make your shopping easier. These are real, clean foods with no added sugars, artificial chemicals, or other taboo ingredients.

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weight & measurement

During your 21-day transformation, avoid weighing in every day. (Trust me. You’ll get better results if you hide the scale in the closet!) Instead, simply record your weight and your measurements at the beginning and end of the diet, using this handy tracker.

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bone broth fact sheet

When you start the Bone Broth Diet, your friends and family are likely to ask tons of questions about it. Here’s a simple fact sheet you can share, describing what the diet is, how it works, and why the results are so amazing.

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bone broth diet plate

On this diet, you don’t need to weigh your food or count calories, carbohydrates, or fat grams. Instead, you’ll simply build your plate the natural way. This sample plate can help you visualize the amounts of proteins, veggies, and fats you’ll want to eat at each meal.

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The 21-Day Slim Down Program practically guarantees your success by giving you tons of extra instruction, support, and resources.

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Want to know more about the Bone Broth Diet? Here are articles discussing questions that dieters frequently ask, along with information on approved bars, shakes, and supplements.

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